Wooly Watersnakes

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Nerodia sipedon williamengelsi – Carolina Watersnake

Last week I did the natural history thing, so this week I do the embroidery thing.

programmer and dog catch a snake

Dog, programmer, snake

This piece was based on a Nerodia sipedon williamenglsi (Carolina Watersnake, a subspecies of the Northern Watersnake, see previous posts for details) which was caught in 1957 while swimming along the shore off Bodie Island, North Carolina. Jeff Beane of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences allowed me to photograph the specimen. The photographs were converted to stencils and the stencils were painted on 14 pt mono, stitched in basket weave stitch in a mix of scrap wools. Diameter is about 7 cm, length is 90 cm. Head and tail, which were missing from the original hide, were made up on the fly. It has a zipper down the belly and is filled with polybeads. The entire project took around a month and was most enjoyable.

N3 for web

Needlepoint Nerodia baskin’ in a tree

I need to work on snake heads. The shape isn’t quite right. Although that hasn’t stopped me from scaring the bejesus outta people. It’s a good talking point, since they’re so often mistaken for water moccasins. Also Dr. Beane has explained that the hide has darkened with age; she was originally a few shades lighter. Good to know.

N4 for web

Detail of Nerodia needlepoint

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4 Responses to Wooly Watersnakes

  1. frilka says:

    I have to say snakes are not my thing … these look very real, real work of art….

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