Not a Dinosaur

Desmatosuchus 2008 (

Desmatosuchus 2008 (

My latest project is a wearable Desmatosuchus. Desmatosuchus is a big funky crocodile like thingie, related to other crocodile like thingies, lived around 220 million years ago, NOT a dinosaur due to it being closer to a crocodile (different ankles and skull), native to Arizona, about 15 ft/ long, between 500 and 1000 lbs, with big spikes along its shoulders and thick boney plates called osteoderms covering its back. The upturned snout and peg teeth suggest it ate plants and roots, rooting around in the soil a bit like a pig.

My first block, containing some rather nice osteoderms

My block, containing some rather nice osteoderms

I started cleaning a block containing one in July 2013. It took about 6 months to remove the matrix and glue all the bits together, which is enough time to require a commemorative t-shirt. The shirt took about two hours. Embroidery is much easier than paleontology, although they sort of feel the same what with the meticulousness and pointy objects.

Desmatosuchus detail, with wrinkles

Desmatosuchus detail, with wrinkles

Making the embroidery was simple. A quick online search gave me a nifty outlined graphic.  The printout was taped to a window and I traced the backside of it with an Aunt Martha’s Iron-On Transfer Pencil. If you do any embroidery, you should get one. Press HARD with the pencil. The tracing was then ironed onto the t-shirt, and it was outlined in stem and running stitch using standard embroidery floss.

Wear your reptile with pride!

Wear your reptile with pride!

I now have possibly the only embroidered desmatosuchus t-shirt in existence. How cool is that?

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