Why you should engage in the open making of things

It is snowing, and I am experiencing a dental emergency. However, it is still Blogging day, so here goes. I blame the drugs.

Crocheted edging for pillow in bay window

Crocheted edging for pillow in bay window. A useful thing! Honest!

Six reasons you should publicly embroider/knit/crochet/whatever but welding might be a bit difficult

1. You get cool and occasionally useful stuff out of it.

2. It will help your snowboarding.

3. It makes useless waiting time seem less useless. And you won’t use up your phone battery.

4. It is good for starting conversations. People want to know why you would crochet a brain.

5. It reduces boredom during very boring activities, e.g. meetings, lectures, prison, travel, waiting at the DMV, that kine thing. Especially useful if you have to attend a lecture and you’re in prison. Also knitting needles make good shivs.

6. It increases retention during boring activities. Regardless of how fantastic or important the information, it is going to be hard to remember all the revisions that occurred to the 2015 tax code, so if you have to listen to such a thing, making some mittens will help you remember. Honest. If I only had a reference.  Soon as I find one, I’m posting it here. I used to embroider continually in graduate school.  Really helped. Every time my attention wandered, I’d poke myself in the finger with a needle.

Okay, back to the drugs.

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2 Responses to Why you should engage in the open making of things

  1. It also motivates the people around you to try new things. Hope you feel better soon!

    • It does. And my stuff seems to motivate the less likely to do this kine stuff people. In other words, guys. Had one of the top herpetologists in the state wandering around the museum with my watersnake a few months back. When was the last time you saw a sixty year old southern boy all excited over needlepoint?

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