White sky stuff


Damn birds went through about three cups of seed in two days.

According to climatology, the second week in February is the coldest month of the year. We got snow, apparently along with a lot of other people. Since our cabin is at the end of a bit of a drive, we were semi-snowed-in for three days. I passed the time embroidering a Manduca hornworm and providing handouts to the yard birds.

Simple Snowflake Pattern

Simple Snowflake Pattern

I also put together this small pattern of a snowflake, which you are welcome to play with. In case you have some interest in snowflakes, check out W. A. Bentley’s photographs, who provided the original image that I used. Bentley lived around the turn of the 1900s in rural Vermont as a farmer and obsessive snowflake photographer. Also, give a 15 minute listen to NPR’s Radiolab discussing Mr. Bentley. I suggest embroidering the snowflake (which you may download here) while listening to it. Also, tea should be involved. And a cookie. Should take about a half hour or so. Next week, I hope to have spent a day out looking for snakes, as it is supposed to be in the 70’s. I hope the turtles come back.

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