Manduca lifecycle sampler

Manduca sexta sampler

Manduca sexta sampler

Just about finished with all the hornworms. There is the stuffed larva which I wrote about before,  a stuffed pupa still needing to be stuffed as of this morning so more accurately called an unstuffed pupa, and a sampler depicting the entire lifecycle. At 16 point, the creatures are life sized. As I have access to 18 point canvas, they are a little larger, but not too much. The stuffed models are on mono canvas stuffed with scraps of thread, the sampler on aida, and all of them use DMC embroidery floss. Everything is cotton.

The moths themselves are attractive creatures. The veining on the adult was quite difficult-it could be made easier by giving a separate chart just covering the backstitch. The mottled patterns make what I’ll call a divergence from the printed pattern unnoticeable. Which is nice. Damn browns. Producing the adult image required a bit of dissection in order to get the wings to lay flat. My model had folded up its wings. I ended up using a craft knife to slice the wings off, photographed them individually, and them placed them properly together using pixlr. Which you should check out, as it is a most excellent free online photo editing suite.

Detail of adult instar, Manduca sexta

You try counting those damn veins.

I’m still waiting to stitch up the pupa. He should be done this week.

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5 Responses to Manduca lifecycle sampler

  1. That is beautiful. A lovely idea, looks great 🙂

  2. Sweet! Original pattern?

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