List of the past two week’s critters

It was nice, it was cold, then it was nice. Nice being defined as sunny and above 65 F. Cold being defined as nasty ice storm followed by a power outage. And here’s what I’ve seen over the last two weeks, not counting birds. I really should count the birds, but hey, it’s my list. Also I should add pictures. But again, it’s my list.

Five lined skink. Yay! The lizards are back!
Very cold looking fence lizard. The poor thing was jet black.
Black rat snake with a cataract.
Stinkpots. Lots and lots of stinkpots.
Yellow bellied sliders.
A dead river cooter that had something wrong with its shell.
Painted turtles.
Dusky salamander.
A random good sized frog, possibly a pickerel frog.
Cricket frogs! Think they’re northerns.
Northern Watersnake.
A coyote, including a lot of coyote scat.
Green tree frog out in the yard. Just heard this one.
Upland chorus frogs, also just heard.
American toads. Heard once.

Hey, not a bad list for two weeks.

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