How to make a needlebook

This is a useful project using a small piece of embroidery. Takes about an hour.  Oh yeah, and this item is also called an etui. Useful for crossword puzzles.

Etui 1

Thread. Needle. Scissors. Embroidery. Felt. Done. Embroidery is already blocked and trimmed.


Small piece of embroidery. Needlepoint is perfect for this. The one here is 4″ x 2″. It should be larger than needles on the short side. So a 3 inch needle will not fit in my example. This needle book is for small needles.

Small piece of felt. It should be a little more than twice the size of the embroidery, so my piece was 4″ x 4″. It would be good if the felt was an appropriate color match for the embroidery. It doesn’t have to be fancy felt. Cheap felt is fine.

Needle, a sharp one.

Some thread. My embroidery was done in cotton floss, so I used cotton floss. You might want to use regular sewing thread.



Etui 2

Felt rectangles

1. Make sure your embroidery is square. You can stretch wet embroidery into a square shape, pin it to something, and then let it dry and it will be square. This is called blocking.

2. Trim your embroidery so about half an inch of bare canvas is left as selvage. See the photo with the supplies to see how it should look.

3. Cut two pieces of felt to exactly match your embroidery. The design part, not the selvage part of the embroidery. It’s okay if they’re not perfect. Felt is sort of stretchy.

Etui 3

Start at the corner, carefully tucking in the selvage edge of the embroidery

Etui 5

Tucking from the inside.

Etui 4

Such neat stitches.

4. Starting at one of the corners, sew one piece of felt to the embroidery using a blanket stitch. This may help. The nice side of the embroidery should be facing out and the felt will hide the ugly part of the embroidery. Tuck the selvage edge of the embroidery canvas in underneath the felt as you go. You can also tuck any stray thread in between the felt and the embroidery. If you have a gridded embroidery, like needlepoint or cross stitch, you can get the blanket stitches to fit EXACTLY in between the stitches on the embroidery and it looks very even. You have now made the cover to your book.

Etui 6

Inside of the completed cover. Now add pages if you want.

Etui 7

Added pages.

5. Sew the second piece of felt onto the inside of your book using a running stitch which should go straight down the middle of the book and the felt. You do not have to add a second set of pages. It looks more booklike if you do, but it’s not necessary.

Etui 8

Is done. Is beautiful…..

6. Trim the inside page if it sticks out a bit.

7. Close your book and place a heavy weight on it to get it to stay into a book shape. You can dampen it a bit and that will help with the flattening. If you do dampen it, make sure your heavy weight is okay with dampness. In other words, don’t use a book on your book.

8. Insert needles. Cool. You’re done.


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  1. brilliant tutorial, looks great 🙂

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