A solid turtle

Box top

Turtle on a rock

Working on a Sarracenia (a pitcher plant) right now, so I will post a project finished a while back. This box turtle is used to keep the kitchen garbage can a few inches away from the wall so that it will open correctly. The garbage can, not the wall, which does not open, unless you count the door, which I am not counting at this point. It is slightly larger than an actual box turtle, and is composed of a recycled brass base from a turtle shaped lamp whose glass shell I broke, and a woolen needlepointed shell. Getting the shape and size right took a bit of doing, and this is the third version of the shell.

Mossy box

Turtle in the moss

blocked turtle canvas

Couch cushions are excellent for blocking

I’ve already written a fair bit about box turtles, so won’t go into further info on the actual critter. I will note that I have YET to see one this spring. They are out. It is warm and very sunny. The programmer hasn’t seen a box turtle yet either, which is too bad as I think I have a marking technique so that I should be able to tell one from the other. Just need to set up a turtle identification database. And find some actual box turtles.

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6 Responses to A solid turtle

  1. Lauren says:

    I love the turtle!!

  2. I have never seen anything like this! its such an amazing idea and looks so lovely 🙂

  3. cat says:

    That’s an awesome turtle! I love that it’s 3d!

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