Embroidery found at a 1960s beach house

crewel bellpull

Crewel bell pull

Detail of the bell pull.

Detail of the bell pull. 3 ft long, linen and wool. Probably.

As the next project is rather complicated, requiring some heavy books and a talk with a paleontologist, and people are most likely sick of looking at turtles and snake, this is a turtle AND snake free post, composed of random bits of embroidery found at the beach house stayed at last week with the dog and the programmer.

An occasional boat, with provenience.

An occasional boat, with provenience.

Not sure where the embroidery came from, or who did it, but there’s a lot of it. One piece is marked on the back. The recipes have initials and dates. But that’s it. No idea on any of the rest of it. Anyway, enjoy some random stuff from the past, many of which has shells on it and including the occasional boat.


A rather nice needlepoint, with some nifty petit point for the boat, gulls and cloud. The cloud appears to have some stuffing behind it. This was completed in 1980, by the programmer’s eldest sister. Wool (presumably), 18″ x 12″. Or thereabouts.

A pair of occasional boats

A pair of occasional boats


A pair of boats done in crewel. No idea on them. Colors are slightly faded, and looks like they’re in wool. It’s a large piece, 12″ x 26″. All these unknown pieces were framed at a local framer’s, so it’s probable they were done on the island and then abandoned to their fate.





Shrimp recipe

Shrimp recipe

Crab recipe

Crab recipe

Pair of recipes useful if one is at the beach and live crabs are fighting at the dock. Watching the crab wars was most interesting. The shrimp seems consigned to his fate, but the crab seems rather upset. Or happy. Not sure which line is supposed to be the mouth, but I believe the backstitching is actually representing a back pattern on the crab. Looks like a face though. Cross stitch, cotton, 8″ x 12″. There are monograms on the bottom of each piece; KH 80 for the shrimp and LH 82 for the crab. Not sure if LH took longer or was inspired. Also don’t know who LH and KH are. Personally, I prefer my shrimp grilled. And the crabs were too small for eating, so they were left fighting over a piece of bad chicken. Honest, get a piece of nasty stuff and let the crabs at it. It’s most interesting. Lotta cool crab behavior around a piece of freezer burnt chicken.

Confused crab

Confused crab


And finally a frog sitting hung on a bookshelf. 4″ x 6″. Probably wool, but one never knows.

frog needlepoint

This is maybe a third of what was there. Tired now of typing, so going to stop.

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3 Responses to Embroidery found at a 1960s beach house

  1. That’s a long one missus

  2. That’s quite a collection of treasure – all hand-stitched. Maybe the former owners didn’t make them – a stitcher wouldn’t just leave her handiwork behind.

    • Possibly…but the house was bought in the 70’s/80’s, and as far as the significant other knows, no one much did the work in there. The mother of the family loved to shop garage sales. There’s lots of embroidery on the island in the thrift shops. Looks like most of it was picked up second-hand.

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