Mosquitos interfere with the knitting

Stupid mosquitos. After a solid month of exciting adventure type travel, I finally return home with time to knit, work on some new embroidery patterns and watch the wildlife. Unfortunately, the only wildlife seems to be this:


Aedes albopictus, Asian Tiger Mosquito. © 2002 James Gathany (

Aedes albopictus, Asian Tiger Mosquito. © 2002 James Gathany (

The bastards.

They swarm in immense clouds of blood seeking evilness. North Carolina had its second case of Chikungunya this year. We have West Nile, although not locally so far. So along with the itching, they really do need to be avoided. They’re not even native. The native mosquitos aren’t as bad as the tigers. Can’t remember the last time I got bit by something that wasn’t a tiger mosquito.

Standard methods of mosquito control don’t much work on them, since they breed in tiny pools of water out in the woods. I have eliminated all the standing water I can find, but you can’t rightly police the entire woods. There are disadvantages to living out in the wilds. I’ve put up some little sacrificial pools (aka, tubs with water in them that I dump every two days) but I have only found larva a few times.  Neem oil isn’t working. Citronella isn’t working. DEET sort of works. It’s over 90, so long pants are torture. We have large populations of mosquito predators. Damn. Maybe I can rig up something with a mosquito net. Anybody know where I can get some sterile male tiger mosquitos?

They are awfully pretty though.


“A North Carolina Summer Pest  The Asian Tiger Mosquito.” © 2000 Nick Lutz. Available from Accessed July 7, 2014

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