Sunray venus, part two

Venus painting

Painting painting painting

The sunray venus project continues. Got the basic shape onto the canvas a few weeks back. Step 5 ended with a block printing of the venus onto mono needlepoint canvas. So, continuing from there:

Venus painted

These colors are not realistic. But that green needs to go away.

6.) Paint. Paint in the details using acrylic paint. Try to hit the center of each stitch on the canvas. Makes it easier during the embroidery stage. The paint colors do not have to match the object, as the paint will be entirely covered with stitches. You do need to know how many colors you will use in the finished product. In this case, there were five different shades of thread to be used, so five different shades of paint were mixed up.  Making the paint shades radically different from each other will make it easier to stitch. Let it dry.

Venus blocking

Block me!

7.) Stitch. This small project probably went together in a few hours. The CRX rapid commuter bus from Chapel Hill, NC to Raleigh, NC is excellent for this. Comfy tourist seats, good overhead lights, nobody talks, Museum of Natural Sciences at the end. And yes, we got our Edmontosaurus back.

8. Block. Blocking flattens out the canvas and makes it less wonky shaped. Soak the canvas, wring it out, stretch it into shape, pin it to something flat and let dry. The arm of a sofa works quite well for this, but warn people about the pins.

Only thing left to do is sew it into shape, do some stuffing, take some photos and then figure out what to do with this shell. Anybody need a needlepointed shell?


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