Big projects

stink skirt 2

A small harlequin stink bug, Murgantia histrionica  has been added to this skirt.

Need a big project. Too many small projects lately. The weather is cooling and de-muggifying. Mosquitos are slightly more civilized. The unusual southern summer has reduced the tick population to tolerable levels. So sitting outside, observing the wildlife, embroidering some stuff, will be bearable. Also there are two trips coming up, one which will involve airplanes and passports and hammocks, and trips require projects.

copper whole

Copperhead hide, waiting to be stencilized.

It would be good to do something from the island we’re going to visit, but it has such paltry herptofauna that starting a project here without seeing what is to be seen is too presumptuous. So the big project must be a local one. The next big project can be a Caribbean critter. This one is a North Carolina critter.

Copper detail

Serious, this is gorgeous.

The box of random specimens has a very nice glycerin tanned Agkistrodon contortrix, the copperhead, prepared by Jeff Beane. And this summer included a rather interesting pair of encounters with a copperhead climbing into the walls. All was well. The snake was fine. The humans were fine. All was fine. So the encounter should be commemorated, right?

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