Turns out snake hides in needlework is a thing

Studio shot

Knitted and not knitted kitties in a flattened state. All photos are taken from her website.

Here’s your afternoon’s click bait. Ruth Marshall specializes in knitted reproduction study skins, mostly cats and snakes (snakes are so dang easy in a tubular way) and a good number of marsupials. A New York abiding transplanted Australian (hence the marsupials), she has a background both dealing with fine art and wildlife. So this makes sense.


Viper 2005

I’m not sure which viper this is. Looks like a gaboon.

Oh yeah, and she teaches workshops on how to translate natural objects into knitted charts, and on the knitting techniques which allow you to do this type of color work. So you should go to New York and learn to knit ocelots. You do need a knitted ocelot. EVERYBODY needs a knitted ocelot. Knitting is much trickier (although faster) than needlepoint. Some day….

Leadbeater's Possum #1 Cute little bugger, ain't he?

Leadbeater’s Possum #1 Cute little bugger, ain’t he? Photo by Robert Lowell, 2013

If you can’t go to New York,  you can make your own woolen Leadbeater’s Possum, Gymnobelideus leadbeateri, study skin from a kit available on her website. The proceeds go to a Possum conservation group, who could probably do something useful with the money. Also note that these possums are much cuter than the North Carolina possums, which look rather like drowned overgrown rats. So not only is needlework snake hides a thing, possum envy is also. 

If you don’t want to learn to knit ocelots, but would rather just LOOK at the ocelots, one may be seen at Wave Hill, a garden and art space located in New York, until December 7th.

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2 Responses to Turns out snake hides in needlework is a thing

  1. cat says:

    that possum is awesome.

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