Just keep swimming

This involved an awful lot to knitting. It is not interesting knitting, but there is a lot of it.


Projects begin with a quickly bleeding away excitement, leaving the project to mold away while a second project provides excitement, only to be left for the third, so on and so on, until there is nothing but giant piles of half-completed projects and you have no more money for food or pearl cotton and you die of starvation, crushed sockless under the piles due to all the socks still needing to have the toes sewn up. This is not good.

Seriously, this gets stuff done. Ah….one thing done today already.

Seriously, this gets stuff done. Ah….one thing done today already.

The way out is to make some little progress every day. It doesn’t matter how much, just do SOMETHING. Even if it is just physically picking up the project. If just picking it up is counted as “progress”, you will finish it since a few of those times you will just do some work on it anyway. After all, you picked it up. Might as well do something. Check off lists, where you get to mark off furiously that you did something, can provide the important sense of progress. And eventually it will be finished. Or, you can decide that it’s total crap and then either throw it away or recycle the materials.

There are two big projects in the house at this point.

Canvas is done! And no, the colors don't matter. They'll all be covered anyway.

Canvas is done! And no, the colors don’t matter. They’ll all be covered anyway.

Project one is a knitted bay window cushion. At over six feet long, it has taken most of the summer and 14 skeins of yarn. At this point there is one panel and the sewing up left to do. On the home stretch. Which also provides excitement. Especially with the prospect of having a nice comfy cushion to sit on while watching critters through the great big windows. Maybe there should be a bird feeder right in front….

Project two is a needlepoint copperhead hide. Two stencils were cut, and the canvas was painted using those stencils. Hopefully this will be finished by the end of November for the North Carolina Herpetological Society fall meeting.

Now, on to buy pearl cotton. Also we are out of bananas.

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