Colors on the canvas, sloppy paint job, all irrelevant. So nice when imperfections don’t matter.

The copperhead is coming along nicely.

The canvas is 18 pt white cotton mono. Nothing much fancy.

Figuring out the stencils wasn’t too tricky. I decided I could get enough information transferred to the canvas using only two stencils: one for the shape of the snake and a second for the patterning, with fine details being made up as the canvas is stitched. The hide was lain flat, stenciling plastic on top, the sections to be removed traced out and the negative spaces were removed. The hide being copied had a marked difference between belly scutes and back scales, so the “shape” stencil was further detailed by cutting a strip out to show the belly.

Then the painting. Left over spray paint was used since the colors would be overlain with stitches and any spray over could be handled during the stitching. It took three passes of paint to get the canvas finished.

DMC pearl cotton #5 works quite well with the 18 pt canvas and isn’t too expensive or too hard to find.

And now, stitching.

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