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Lola's Jam

Contents: Weird Jam

Say you have some weird jam, made from mayhaw. Mayhaw, Crataegus opaca or Riverflat Hawthorn, is a wetland tree native to the south eastern North America. Thus it is medium local. And ideal to give to someone who lives far away. But you should do the wrapping thing, as it is gift weird jam.

Lola's bag 1

This is damn tricky. But doable. Pick a simple design and the tiniest embroidery hoop you can find.

Say you also have some rather nice organic cotton tea bags to be used for loose tea. And some iron on embroidery designs. And some time on your hand. And a blog about embroidery. Then you should iron the pattern onto the tea bag, embroider the pattern up, place the jam inside, write about the process, and warn people that if they would like to do something similar, they will need a VERY small embroidery hoop and a lot of patience.


“Riverflat Hawthorn” Encyclopedia of life, available from Accessed December 1, 2014.

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