A most excellent hide

The needlepointed copperhead hide is finished. 6 months, and she is done. Here she is:


Fake copperhead. 27″ x 4″. Cotton.

And here’s the original:


Real copperhead. 27″ x 4″. Snake skin.

And here they are together:


Copperheads. All inna row.

Not too bad. The difference in coloration was made to take into account color loss during the tanning process. Glycerin tanned snake skins darken and lose some of the red tones. The available thread colors were matched to a number of actual living copperheads instead of the hide. And some license was made during the embroidering with the shape of the banding. The banding on the reproduction ended up a bit thicker over the spine. So not perfectly reproduced, but not bad.

Hide was done on 18 point mono cotton needlepoint canvas, and stitched with DMC pearl cotton in 7 shades. It measures 27 inches long. And it deserves much better photos.

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