A knitted diplocaulus, cuz scarves are BORING


Diplocaulus. Mostly wool. Or suspected wool. And some random button eyes. About a foot and a half long. He’s sorta stretchy.

Diplocaulus is an extinct amphibian from the Permian, between 279 and 272 million years ago. It was a good sized guy, up to 3 feet long. Yes, its head looked like that. Yes, its eyes were that far in the front. No, it’s feet probably weren’t that knobby. Hard to knit toes.

If you would like to knit your own diplocaulus, here is the most excellent pattern as designed by Mr. Jacob Haller. Dude, good job.Diplo2

Honestly, do something other than teddy bears. Too many cool critters out there to make. Give the extinct amphibians some love.


“Diplocaulus” Encyclopedia of life, available from http://eol.org/pages/4359207/overview. Accessed December 29, 2014.

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