Nope. No newts.


There are no salamanders here.

Or salamanders, actually. The salamanders should be breeding soon. Not sure when, but the winter ponds are full and there are larva in March, so the eggs should be appearing soon. Salamander larva are VERY hard to distinguish, so this is an unknown species breeding in the winter ponds.

The salamanders must be identified!

Here’s what is available on the unidentified salamanders:

1.) Breeds in ephemeral ponds, larva in March.

2.) Nothing particularly weird about them. No speckles, no stripes, no much of anything.

3.) Eggs are about a cm across, probably about 20 or so eggs together in a mass.

4.) They live in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.

Thus narrowing it down to a good thirty or so possibilities. There are too many salamanders around here.

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