Boring Things

Doe Skull

Just a boring ol’ whitetail skull. With some lichen.

Winter is boring. So few critters out. The best that’s happened this week is being the recipient of a doe’s skull found out in the woods. Still no newts breeding. Turtles are all chilling deep underwater in the muck. There was a bat in the walls of the cabin for a while earlier this week, but that’s it. Sometimes nature is just boring.


Just a boring ol’ green snake. 24 inches, Cotton, synthetic felt.

Sometimes embroidery is just boring too. Take this rough green snake hide. If the goal of a project is to embroider all the snakes native to North Carolina, then the boring single color ones have to be done too. So here we go. Presenting snake hide No. 3, Opheodrys aestivus, the Rough Green Snake.

Rough detail

This detail is not any more interesting than the rest of it.

At least there is a pygmy rattler shed waiting to be transferred to canvas. That’s got some nice pretty shading to it.

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