Color choice while making patterns and winter updates

Reduced to playing with moss….

Reduced to playing with moss….

Still no newts. Still no turtles. Pond
frozen over. There are raccoon tracks in the snow, which is interesting, and a number of intriguing holes, but the only thing really doing much right now are large flocks of freeloading birds and the moss. So we are stuck amusing ourselves by watching bird feeders and doing interesting things with moss, railroad miniatures and a cell phone.

Planned out pattern. Blue tail is not accurate. Should be green. Also no pink but the actual colors are too close to see easily.

Neither the blue tail nor the pinky bits are accurate. But they are easier to see than the subtle colors this pattern will use.

The actual production of the embroideries has been reduced due to the need to produce random knitted gift items. But there is always pattern making. There is a stark difference between working on a paper pattern and a finished product. Paper (or painted) patterns must be easy to read. Two similar colors can be difficult to distinguish. So spread the colors out. Make contingent colors wildly different. It’ll help your eyes.

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