April 7

The spotted salamanders hatched on April 3, after 25 days in the egg. 11 out of 14 successfully hatched.

April 7. You always need a scale picture. Little bugger, ain’t it? Food is even tinier, and mostly consists switching out the water in the aquarium daily with water from the pond so they can hunt microscopic prey.

April 3

Hatching day, April 3rd. Deflated eggs, two survivors and three who didn’t make it. Such is life. That’s actually a pretty good survival rate. All but three were released. So, 14 embryos, 3 in captivity, 8 released.

April 3 pair

Earlier on the day of hatching, accompanied by a month older cousin, which was released back to the pool it came from once the younger ones appeared, as they are extremely voracious and quite willing to eat each other.

Using a rather nice microscope as provided by Miss Liz, you can see individual corpuscles moving through the gills and the heart pulsing them. 4x magnification.

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