Sneezing. Need bookmarks? Part 1.

Too much pollen in the air, so you may be stuck inside reading (yeah, right, like that’s happening) about outside instead of being outside. So, lots of sneezing interspersed with books. And thus there may be a greater need for bookmarks. So here we go:

bookmark supplies

A collection of supplies

Old wool sweater which got the bejezzus shrunk outta it.
Wool crewel yarn.
A nice design.
Embroidery hoop, crewel needles, scissors, fabric marking device of some type.

Step one: Gather your supplies. Wonder where your embroidery hoops all went. Tear apart the craft chest. Get confused when you find them in the closet.

Yup. That's all the better it needs to be.

Yup. That’s all the better the tracing needs to  be.

Step two: Mark your pattern onto the sweater. This can either be done by just free handing it (as in this case, design wasn’t too complicated), using a transfer pencil and ironing it on, using waste canvas and a chart, hiring someone else to draw the pattern onto your sweater, whatever you’d like. Freehanding it is easiest, but does require you to be able to draw.

Step three: Realize your marking pen is all dried out. Go find another marking device.

Step four: Work up your pattern. Make sure that your shrunken sweater and your yarn are all wool. All the threads must be wool so that they felt onto the sweater. Makes it all good. And they should sorta shrink together. So no fancy silk or no cotton thread. Gotta be wool on wool. This may take a week. The embroidery part, not the making sure of wool being wool. You may need to go for supplies. Possibly get some coffee.

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