Sneezing. Need bookmarks? Part 2.

Continuing from two weeks ago……

bluet progress

At the laundromat…washin’ da bed stuffs….

Step five: Do your embroidery at the laundromat since it is time to switch out the giant winter duvet with the light summer one, and you should wash your duvet before putting it away and who has a washing machine that big anyway, and what else are you going to do at the laundromat other than embroider?

Step six: Cut out your pattern in a rectangular shape if you prefer the traditional shape of a bookmark, or into the shape of a potato if you prefer your bookmarks to be potato shaped.

Step seven: Iron the bejesus outta your bookmark. With steam. HOT steam. It’ll help felt everything together even more tightly.

Yup. Two weeks for this. Quite sad.

Yup. Two weeks for this. Quite sad.

Step eight: Coat the bookmark with some glue. Just in case it didn’t felt enough.

Step nine: Wonder why this set of instructions took so long to read. Seriously. Could it be any longer?

Step ten: Realize how lame this project is. But go with it anyway cuz you need to finish writing your blog. Finish writing your &*($#% blog and include a nice video of some tadpoles and the occasional salamander larva. Get annoyed at how long it takes to get your video up and running. Decide to eat some trail mix. Maybe have a gin and tonic.

There’s your solution to bad projects:  gin, tonic, tadpole videos. Everything is better.

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