That took far too long and a new lizard

Copper 2

Details! With Moss!

Another needlepoint snake hide has been finished. Finally. After four months. Which is an inexcusable length to spend on such a small critter. It is only 18″x 3″. Still, four months. This is Agkistrodon Mark II, as the previous copperhead hide was judged to be unsatisfactory. And now, onto the next snake. There is a Thamnophis sirtalis hide waiting to be converted.

Copper 1

Agkistrodon contortix hide, cotton, wool, synthetic felt. 18″ x 3″.

Broad 3

Broad headed skink, deciding which finger to bite.

In other reptile news, a new lizard has been identified at the cabin. This is Plestidon laticeps, the broad headed skink, the largest skink in North Carolina and the third species of skink to be found in the front yard. This individual was rescued from a bucket of mosquito larva filled water. It was most unhappy about being rescued, despite the drowning hazard, giving a pretty decent bite. Damn bastard has a lotta tiny little teeth. It was released unharmed, which must have been a bit of a surprise for it since it had been so bitey. It then spent two hours hanging out on the back porch.


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