Latest TSA regulations for crafter people

This photo is irrelevant, although you should probably not bring a can of sliced bacon.

You should also not fly with a can of sliced bacon. Seriously, why do you own a can of bacon?

Flying in the US. Gotta lotta air time; it’s a big country. So the crafty stuff gotta come along, right? And you’re probably trying to avoid checked baggage, so it’s all carry on. Here’s the state of things from the TSA as of June, 2015:

  • Knitting needles are okay.
  • Acetylene torches are not okay.
  • Sewing needles are fine.
  • Fingernail clippers with nail files are perfectly acceptable.
  • Tiny scissors, under 4 inches, are also allowed.
  • Circular thread cutters, those round things that look like giant pendants, must be left behind. Apparently they look too much like box cutters.
  • Rotary cutters are right out.
  • No band saws.

In fact, if you’re trying to reduce the amount of stuff you’ve got, and you’re embroidering, you can dispense entirely with any type of thread cutting device as long as you keep some dental floss with you. The dental floss cutter also works quite well with embroidery floss.  And has the added advantage of encouraging dental hygiene.

So if your craftiness is yarn or thread related, it’s okay. If it involves woodworking or blacksmithing, probably not. Yet another reason to embroider.


Transporting knitting needles and needlepoint. Accessed June 15, 2015.

Prohibited Items. Accessed June 15, 2015.

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