Weeding and Knitting

Thoughts while weeding:


Think it’s genus Tibicen, but that’s guessing. Noisiest damn bug EVER.

My armhole needs work.

Oo! Cicaida!

Cicadas have freaky mouths.

This cicada doesn’t like being picked up.

Should I rip out to the armhole?

I need to talk to someone about armholes.

Who thought vinca was a good idea? It doesn’t even look good.



Maypop or purple passionflower, Passifloria incarnata. It’s native to North Carolina and has tasty fruits. Cool, eh?

Ooo! Hummingbird!

I’m glad I moved the feeder nearer to the window.

Should I do something fancy on the next sweater?

If I use bulky yarn I’m going to need new needles.

Maypops are cool. I need to transplant some maypops.

But first I need a fence to grow them on. And some new knitting needles.

God it’s hot out here.

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