Damn, that’s a big book. Also, Mantis.

Flower BmMade a bookmark this week, as promised. The bookmark is a very stylized image of flower structure. Next week some labeling will be added. Right now, it’s just a weird swirly thing.

Go to floraofvirginia.org to find out more about the big book

It’s for this book——————->

which is so big it required a project, complete with staff and a director and definitely some letterhead to produce. Seriously, this thing is 1554 pages long, including index. Weighs about as much as a watermelon. Woah.

Why such a big book? North Carolina has some crazy diversity. The land itself is mighty old. Some rock formations formed more than 3 BILLION years ago. There are some decent mountains. It borders the Atlantic, so we got the ocean thing going on. It is mostly skinny, running East to West and since the ecosystems on the East Coast run North to South, there are lots of room for a lotta different stuff to find habitat. So if you want to figure out what plant you’re looking at, you’re gonna need a damn big book. Unfortunately there isn’t a damn big book for North Carolina, but there is one for Virginia, and due to the North-South thing mentioned before, will do.

Here's a mantis, for no good reason.

Gratuitous mantis shot.

There is no reason for this mantis to be in this post. Other than it’s a pretty good looking mantis, so you should enjoy it. It certainly seems to be enjoying looking at you.

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