Using embroidery to improve your salsa


Deer are bastards. Evil, veggie devouring, flower munching, pointy little hoof print making bastards. They bring destruction everywhere and should be turned into sausages. They are also out of control population wise in North America. They got in last week and ate half the tomato plant and 12 habaneros, ignoring all the nice forest plants a few yards away. At four in the afternoon. Who eats 12 habaneros?

Garden plan so far

This is what we have so far, chart-wise.

So now, finally, there is a fence, 6.5 foot tall, and hopefully it will work, with a clearly defined garden area encircling raised beds and the herb bed and the apple tree and allowing the planting of crocuses which deer eat almost as fast as they eat habaneros. And it needs a map. To scale. With measurements and stuff.

And, since the making of the pattern in the cross-stitch pattern program can produce a rather nice jpg of lines, it will be easy to copy out the garden plan and mark temporary adjustments. And the embroidery, framed behind glass, can be drawn on with a removable marker, for a continual and rather nice garden plan. Cool, eh?

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