Three frog day

Pickerel frogs are gorgeous.

Pickerel frogs are gorgeous.

Three different frogs were seen while transplanting a set of arapaho blackberries, which will hopefully be happier with more sun. The blackberries, not the frogs. The frogs can chose where to sit on their own.

Frog no. 1: Rana palustris, Pickerel Frog. A good sized frog, about the size of a lemon. They are similar to leopard frogs, but leopard frogs have more random spots. Pickerels are regularly spotted. Sounds like a buncha snoring elves.


Peeper, with x on its back, or maybe its head, or possibly its neck. Hard to tell with frogs.

Frog no. 2: Pseudacris crucifer, Spring peeper. Very small beige frog with an x on its back.  They make the ubiquitous frog noise in the southern spring, although they call continually. Peep peep peep peep peep peep peep………..


Cricket frog on its way out da door

Frog no. 3: Acris crepitans, Northern Cricket Frog. There is also a Southern Cricket Frog, but it lives further south. Just say “cricket frog” and you’re right, or look at a map. They sound different too. Sounds like someone clicking marbles together.

There is a possibility of Fowler’s toads tonight. Thus ends this week’s frog report.

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