All hail the Sweater of Normality!  This sweater is not a fancy sweater. It is a usable sweater, for a person who lives in a cold and drafty cabin, and what with winter approaching and all, especially considering the nasty weather this week, it is about time the SoN was done.  Fits great. Binding off could be stretchier, armpit joins are a little loose and the ends needed better weaving, but as this is the first sweater ever produced, it’s not bad. Doesn’t look like much. Can get mustard spilled on it without too much being upset. The pattern was made up as it was knitted, using The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters on size seven (and fives as needed) needles out of 10 balls of Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine 85.

Might actually finish some embroidery stuff now that the SoN is done.

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