These peas were too slow


These are actually micro green peas, grown for their shoots, not their pods.

Been pretty warm this fall. The first frost of the season is forecast for two days from now. These pea flowers better hurry up and turn into peas, or they will lose their chance to be ate, despite being planted in August. Oh well. Smell nice at least. And they are quite attractive. Also the greeny bit of the plants are tasty. So not an entire loss. Just a semi loss.

WormThis little guy better find somewhere to hide too. Or metamorphose. Or something. Faking being a stick will not much help if it gets frozen. No idea on what exactly it is, other than a possibility of being in family Geometridae. But that’s a vague guess based on pictures, not an actual identification. Although since many of these caterpillars eat garden plants, and it was found in the garden, again it is just a semi loss if it doesn’t survive till Sunday.

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