Soil and embroidery


To be embroidered six foot vertical profile of the front lawn.

Pay attention to your dirt. Available nutrients, soil texture, moisture content, if it’s got a lot of rocks in it, all determine what type of plants grow there and what type of critters will live off those plants. It will also tell you what has happened in the past for  that soil, which is sort of cool.

There is a nifty little website called Soil Web (there’s an app too) (and here’s the android one) (and they’re free) (but it only has American information so sorry, everybody else) that will give you a good description of the soil. Give it a location, (or just stand there and push “get my location”) and it will return what is known. Much easier than digging down six feet and then hauling it all off to a lab.

The soil underneath the cabin is listed as Lingum, a fine, mixed, semiactive, thermic Aquic Hapludult. Meaning that it is of a mix of small and large bits, mostly smaller, has a bit of available nutrient but not a whole lot, gets pretty warm and humid, formed partially underwater and partially under hardwood forest over a layer of slate and similar rocks, is still pretty damp with a lot of clay and isn’t too stripy.

To be continued next week.


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4 Responses to Soil and embroidery

  1. eadouglas says:

    What a neat idea! Such a unique way to capture the essence of your home. I like it.

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