Plannin’ for 2016


Lotta yarn and some balsa wood.

The pile of half finished projects is worrisome. They must be GONE. So 2016 will be the year of WIPS. Yes, it is early to declare resolutions, what with it being mid-December and all, but there you go. Also at least two could be finished by the First of the year, so then there will be some resolutionary momentum, which is always a good thing.

Here are the WIPS:

  1. Two cushions to look like mountains
  2. A cross-stitched life cycle of the Spotted Salamander.
  3. A sweater for programming in, which needs blocking.
  4. A needlepoint christmas stocking with a rocket on it.
  5. A model rocket which you could fill with a christmas stocking but shouldn’t because then it will fly odd. No, this is not needlework. But still needs doing so it goes on the list.
  6. A box of dirt.
  7. A big pile of loose yarn which should be combined/sorted/dealt with/tossed. Anyway, it should be used.
  8. A cross-stitched diagram of a garden plan.
  9. A crewel practice piece with some plants on it.
  10. A cross-stitched eastern garter snake.
  11. A knitted short sleeve thing with some type of weird motif in the center.
  12.  A needlepointed pygmy rattlesnake. (not pictured)

Cool. Twelve projects. Twelve months. There you go.

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