Back to the needley stuff!

death by pompom

Had to make this pompom hat.

Been a month of pine trees. That’s enough looking at pine trees, and thinking about pine trees, and writing about pine trees, and photographing pine trees. So enough with the trees. Also, not a lot of needlework reported lately, which is sad as this is supposed to be a natural history/needlework blog, but the needlework has mostly revolved around usable clothing and holiday presents, not needlepointed snakes which are not the most appropriate items to display in a natural history/needlework blog.


Whatever. 2016 was declared The Year of Finishing All These Damn WIPs, so, finally, a knitted project has been finished after sitting about for maybe two years now.


Knitted Mountain. 24″ x 36″. Acrylic. 

Nothing complicated. Just a mountain. But it’s fulfilling a need for a large slanted cushion to sit on, and looks pretty cool sitting in a bay window and used up these two giant triangles of upholstery foam. Also wasn’t too hard to make up the pattern. And triangles are very satisfying to knit, cuz they keep getting smaller and smaller, so you have the illusion that your knitting is speeding up. And maybe small critters can be made to go along with it, allowing small children to have a woodsy play set. Could be fun. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Gotta start knitting some tiny trees and small woodsy critters…..

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