So what if it’s 26 more days

Spring has sprung. Peepers are out.


Da flowers has riz.

Fowler’s toads are back hanging around in the road. Freezing weather is over. Spring officially starts on March 20, but looks like as far as the outsides are concerned, the seasons have changed. Which is good, cuz there is a need for lettuce to be planted and seeds to be started.

Two bulbs and a lotta moss in this photo. The skinny dwarf irises, Iris reticulata, are from central Asia. The shorter stubby guys, Leichtlinii’s Camas or wild hyacinth, Camassia leichtlinii, is a North American west coast species. And who knows what the mosses are. Mosses do their own thing. But everyone here appreciates a good boggy area, and this is next to a downspout. So there.


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