Marching beetle for March

Beetle march

The star

It’s mid March, so you should go watch some marching beetles. In case you can’t find a good marching beetle, here’s an electronic proxy.

What kine beetle is this? No clue. It’s big. It’s black. It has an odd faucet like protrusion on its forehead. Maybe the guys at What’s That Bug? have an idea….

Addendum: Got an answer from What’s That Bug? from a nice guy named Daniel. Apparently it’s a Bess Beetle. And here’s his description:

Dear Jessica,
Though it resembles a Stag Beetle, this Bess Beetle, Peg Beetle or Patent Leather Beetle in the family Passalidae  is a social beetle with a family structure in which both parents care for and communicate audibly with the grubs.  According to BugGuide:  “Adults reported to fly very seldom, however they are capable of flight, contrary to statements in some sources. Adults are found at lights on occasion. They may disperse by walking, but have been observed flying under lights (image), and they are sometimes taken in light traps (MacGown and MacGown, 1996). A nuptial flight has been observed in Mississippi, with a group of 12-15 individuals flying at dusk, and one pair even mating in flight (MacGown and MacGown, 1996).”

Thank you What’s That Bug?, and thank you Daniel. Your id’ing mojo is most excellent.

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