Finally, a New Reptile!


Bigger, deeper, better.

There is a long, long term project to embroider all the snakes of North Carolina. But what do you do with all those snake embroideries? How to USE embroidery poses perennial problems for projects. (Sorry for that. Still loopy from the allergy medication. It won’t happen too often.) Finally, got a need.

This is a tenor ukulele. —————->

Bigger than a concert or soprano ukulele, about half the size of a guitar, it has a nice deepish, round sound (for an ukulele) and is easy to carry with you.  It is the third largest or the ukuleles, not counting the weird stuff. It is also a bit tricky to hold while still maintaining good pressure on the instrument’s neck, especially if you are playing two solid hours at the airport. (Sorry for that also, airport people.) Good neck pressure is required in order to produce good notes. A strap is helpful, allowing you to concentrate on pinching the strings to the neck rather than holding up the instrument.

Tenor strap


<——–  A strap like this.

Useful, but not so pretty. Sooooo…snakes are long and skinny…..straps are long and skinny……

Even got a pattern semi-worked up. Woohoo! Let’s go for it!

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