Uke Strap Planning, with Reptile

So here’s the problem. Need an Ukulele strap. Need to needlepoint a snake. These needs can be combined.

Present strap dimensions, 160 cm long by 5 cm wide. However, the strap is doubled over. This is a short ukulele player. Add some fudge room, convert to inches (embroidery program only deals in inches and that’s how you buy canvas), and we have a strip 40″ x 2″, or, at 14 stitches per inch, 560 by 28 stitches. Round the  numbers so it’s easier to count, giving 560 by 30 stitches. Cool.

Our snake of choice is Elaphe obsoleta, which around here is called a black rat snake.  It is also called Pantherophis obsoletus. Either way, it’s long, it’s black, it’s common, it eats rats (among other things). There you go. More on him later.
black rat
And here’s what we’ve got so far. Colors not accurate. Design not accurate, since a lot of the work will be done in the stitching. Just gotta cut some canvas and then get to stitching. Should be fun.

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