Bug vs. bug

bugvbugThis week’s most interesting wildlife observation involved bugs. This poor stinkbug is having its liquidy guts slurped up by an assassin bug. The stinkbug had been sucking up plant sap from a small potted limequat tree when it was caught by a critter not too far in relation. Both of these bugs are hemiptera, true bugs, with hard, straw like mouth parts designed to pierce. If you look closely, you can see the assassin bug’s beak (yes, it’s called a beak) stuck underneath the stinkbug’s head shield.

bugvbug 2
Here’s some closing questions: does sucking on a limequat give the stinkbug a lime flavor? Does the assassin bug care? Would it prefer mandarin sucking stinkbugs? Discuss it among your groups and please respond with a 500 word essay on the culinary proclivities of assassin bugs. Class is dismissed.

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