Early winter trees

xmasNorth America is forecast for a heat wave this weekend. 91° F right now at 1:37 pm. Blech. Too hot to go outside. Even the lizards are hiding. So better for humans to stay inside and think cool thoughts.  Like how it might be nice to send out embroidered cards for the holidays. Maybe not ALL the cards, but some of the cards. Also, major vacation coming up. Need to get some handy travel friendly projects. Could even do ’em all in a long row on one cloth, and then slice ’em apart after finishing. Yup, that’ll do.

So here we go: snow, loblolly, cardinals. And now the weekend can be spent hiding inside, near the air conditioner, watching the humming bird feeder, who seem desperate enough for food that they’re coming out. Although maybe they would appreciate an ice cube in their feeder.

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