Progress on 2016 WIPs

Way all back last year, a decision to finish all these damn WIPs was made. As it is now October, a look at how that is going is a good idea.

Here’s the completed bits,

  1. Two cushions to look like mountains
  2. A box of dirt.
  3. A sweater for programming in, which needed blocking.
  4. The big pile of loose yarn got made into hats. And some superheroes. Superheroes were given away as christmas gifts. No idea what to do with all the hats though. Anybody need a hat?
  5.  A needlepointed pygmy rattlesnake.

Number five WILL be finished this weekend.

And here’s what needs doing,

  1. A needlepoint christmas stocking with a rocket on it.
  2. A model rocket. No, this is not needlework. But still needs doing so it goes on the list.
  3. A cross-stitched life cycle of the Spotted Salamander.
  4. A cross-stitched diagram of a garden plan, which got waylaid due to the change in the garden.
  5. A crewel practice piece with some plants on it.
  6. A cross-stitched eastern garter snake.
  7. A knitted short sleeve thing with some type of weird motif in the center.

Okay, think some of these can get done pretty quick. 4.)’s final design has solidified so the stitching resumes. 5.) is a week from finishing. 7.) has been changed to “choose a knitting project going before the weather turns”. Hey, cool.  Definitely over half completed by the end of the year. That’s progress, eh?


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