The end of tiny sweaters

Finally! They is done. 24 tiny sweaters, ready for gifting, each unique. Okay, mostly unique. And here they are:

The tiny sweaters fit quite nicely on obnoxiously pink Barbie doll hangers, although they may require painting. The hangers, not the sweaters. Don’t paint your sweaters. Adding a turtleneck makes it hard to hang them, so that can be a thing to consider. But don’t omit the hangers; they are useful if you want to hide something within the sweaters, say a piece of chocolate, which could be taped in or attached to the hanger with a safety pin. Also, the yarn stash has been greatly reduced, which is always a plus.

So the end is that a passel of tiny sweaters is rather enjoyable to make and will use up a bunch of yarn. Now back to the regularly scheduled needlepoint and frog observations.

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