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Possibly the last warm day of the year, perfect for a bike ride (if you’re human) or basking (if you’re a snake), both excellent uses of a black topped bike path. At least this rough green snake thinks so. Sign said … Continue reading

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Black swallowtail chrysalis 

Time to clean the veggie yard. This dude was sheltering underneath the dead cucumber vines. It’s probably Papilio polyxenes. You can call it a black swallowtail if it’s an adult, or a parsley worm if it’s a larva.  Apparently the color of … Continue reading

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Violets look sorta weird

Take a good look at the seedpod on this common blue violet, Viola sororia. Here’s a close up. Sorta alien lookin‘, aren’t they?

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Bee vs. fly

    Here’s a bee. ———->       <——— And here’s a fly.   So, what’s the difference? Bees: fluffy, long antenna, four wings. Flies: not fluffy, short antenna, two wings. Not a perfect distinction, but a good starting … Continue reading

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That’s better

The needlepoint is slightly lacking. Look at this: The highlight lacks subtly. This second leaf is much better———->   So…rather than tearing the whole thing out and redoing, if a thread of of the darker blue is stitched randomly on … Continue reading

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Stitching leaves 

Highlights Lowlights Midtowns And done.  

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Plant sales

Many good things about anticipating an annual plant sale.  It reduces the purchase of plants as a form of immediate gratification. A plant could be thought about, researched, mentally transplanted, and finally rejected after it is realized that it actually pretty … Continue reading

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