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Violets look sorta weird

Take a good look at the seedpod on this common blue violet, Viola sororia. Here’s a close up. Sorta alien lookin‘, aren’t they?

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Bee vs. fly

    Here’s a bee. ———->       <——— And here’s a fly.   So, what’s the difference? Bees: fluffy, long antenna, four wings. Flies: not fluffy, short antenna, two wings. Not a perfect distinction, but a good starting … Continue reading

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Plant sales

Many good things about anticipating an annual plant sale.  It reduces the purchase of plants as a form of immediate gratification. A plant could be thought about, researched, mentally transplanted, and finally rejected after it is realized that it actually pretty … Continue reading

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Nothin’ much this week. Just a nice photo of a Stokes’ Aster, Stokes laevis.  Enjoy. 

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Dere’s a snake inna house

…or there was. The cat was mildly amused. The snake, less so. The reptile warded off the cat through liberal release of a particularly horrendous smelling substance. They were separated, the snake released outside and the corner scrubbed. And scrubbed. … Continue reading

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Weedin’ in the rain

Four reasons why you should weed your gravel driveway during the rain: 1.). It is cooler, so you won’t get as uncomfortable. 2.) Heavy clay soils are looser when damp, so it is easier. 3.) The critters are still out … Continue reading

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Still Evil

Toxicodendron radicans, the poisonous spready plant with hairy stems (seriously, that’s the Latin translation), also known as poison ivy. Yes, it has been written about in this blog before, but this plant is pure evil. If you are east of … Continue reading

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