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Stitching leaves 

Highlights Lowlights Midtowns And done.  

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The end of tiny sweaters

Finally! They is done. 24 tiny sweaters, ready for gifting, each unique. Okay, mostly unique. And here they are: The tiny sweaters fit quite nicely on obnoxiously pink Barbie doll hangers, although they may require painting. The hangers, not the sweaters. … Continue reading

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The superiority of needlepoint to knitting while recovering from a neck injury 

And….need to spend a week without much physical activity. Damn. No gardening, no lifting of heavy hive bodies, no constructing of sheds. Back to needlework. What to do? Knitting Pro: knitting projects get finished before Christmas. Not likely to get … Continue reading

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Socks and bees

Tiny sweaters are getting boring. Time to move onto tiny socks, but a new beehive needs watching. Providing the beehive with a convenient bee watching stump allows socks to be knitted and bees to be watched simultanously. Also, since the … Continue reading

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More tiny sweaters

Yay! Almost half done. Only 15 more to go. Twelve tiny sweaters using the same pattern is starting to bore, so they must become more ornate. Fortunately, cables exist. Sweater 25 is probably going to be quite silly. Also, the … Continue reading

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Tiny sweaters 

Snowed in. It’s the fourth day. But there is plenty of birdseed and yarn, the power hasn’t gone out, and a request has been issued for an advent calendar of tiny sweaters. Lotta good things about making a buncha tiny sweaters. … Continue reading

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Merry something-or-other!

2016 almost over. Still time to finish a damn WIP or two. Got the rocket stocking done a week earlier. Even had time to add a bit of electronics to light up the sky. End count is 12 WIPS at … Continue reading

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