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Figuring out Juglandaceae: Shagbark hickory

Back to the Juglandaceas! The common eating nuts (walnuts and pecans) have been covered, so now it’s the hickories, some of which are tasty and some of which are not, but even the tasty ones are a pain to get to, with … Continue reading

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New Years Eve

Last day of the year. Get yourself out and enjoy some nature. Maybe you’ll get lucky and see some really cool fungus. Or maybe you’ll find a cool tree killed by rodents. Although if the weather is really nasty, staying … Continue reading

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Merry something-or-other!

2016 almost over. Still time to finish a damn WIP or two. Got the rocket stocking done a week earlier. Even had time to add a bit of electronics to light up the sky. End count is 12 WIPS at … Continue reading

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Figuring out Juglandaceae: Pecans

Continuing with Juglandaceas in the area, and onto another tasty eating nut. This time, it’s pecans, Carya illinoinensis. Its unnecessarily complicated reproduction was covered in an earlier post. Beautiful trees, tasty nuts, nice wood, survives sapsucker attacks, an all around useful tree. Not … Continue reading

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Figuring out Juglandaceae: Black walnuts

Juglandaceae is the family of trees composed of the walnuts, hickories, and pecans. They are large trees with especially leafy leaves (bipinnate leaves if you wanna be all sciency sounding), and have nuts of varying tastiness. The nuts have a fleshy coating covering, … Continue reading

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Progress on 2016 WIPs

Way all back last year, a decision to finish all these damn WIPs was made. As it is now October, a look at how that is going is a good idea. Here’s the completed bits, Two cushions to look like … Continue reading

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Observations on paper embroidery

Progress made in one week of stitching the first loblolly cardinal winter whatever card insert thingy. Browns done. Still working on the others. Things learned so far: Perforated paper is not transportable. You can’t bend it. So it is not … Continue reading

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