A listing of random craft projects, some of which are not embroidered at all.

Knitted Rocket

Knitted Rocket

I am slowly learning to knit. Here is my third project, a woolen knitted rocket, from a pattern by mochimochi, which is a wonderful site and you should check them out, especially if you are learning to knit. Her patterns do not take much yarn and are entirely doable for a novice. I learned a TON of techniques in the two hours it took to do this little thing.  The windows and doors are not in the pattern. I will be felting it later.

Edcina Pieters
epdetail 4 webEdcina Pieters, 1816. Cotton on linen, 28 point cross stitch. This took FOREVER. It looks painted on. Measures 17 x 11 inches. The chart came out of an issue of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly. It’s one of the few embroideries I’ve done where I used someone else’s design. But it looked so damn good I couldn’t help myself.

Blackwork coif

coif_detail_for_webBlackwork coif, silk on linen. Reproduction sorta, in that there is a piece that does look like this from the 1500s but I sort of winged it. It is a physically small project so it was most handy when traveling. It was finished in the Philippines in 2012.

beetle for web Beetle shirt. Cotton on cotton. Used the same technique as for the Desmatosuchus shirt. Unfortunately the shirt has become quite stained and got a little hole on it. For a while it was my favorite shirt. I’m quite sad that it has been relegated to the non-wearing pile.

Mars ornament
Mars cross stitch ornament. Cotton on cotton, 2 inches. Taken from a NASA graphic and then transferred to a chart using myphotostitch. It does a decent job.

Laptop sleeve
Crocheted and felted laptop sleeve. Wool with nylon zipper, 15 inches. No embroidery at all, but probably the best project available for a beginning knitter, crocheter or weaver. Make a square in whatever fabric making manner you wish, felt the bejeezus outta it, then hand sew in a zipper. The felting erases all the errors in learning pieces and you can probably use another gadget cozy. It is also a good way to use up gauge swatches, although you may have to sew them together. Just make sure you use unwashed and feltable wool. You don’t even have to worry about sizing it right, as the wool is pretty stretchy. Just make it about a half an inch bigger for crochet and about two inches bigger for knitting.

2 Responses to Gallery

  1. *Wisher* says:

    woo.. the black work looks lovely.. hope to see more of your lovely creations in the future. 😀

    • Thank you. It’s so easy to do but I end up dreaming in reversible blackwork if I do it too much. I just finished a caterpillar for this week’s post. No blackwork, but once I finish the entire Manduca series there should be some.

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