Bad Rabbit

Chili plants? Really?

An adorable baby bunny has moved into the veggie garden. After a month, and the loss of many vegetables, it has been caught. There are many rabbits around, but this is the first in three years to have decided the center of the fenced vegetable garden with all the human traffic is a suitable living space. Apparently it’s a bold bunny.

Anybody need a bunny? It is cute and has a nice white speck on the forehead for ease of identification and is extremely fond of thai chili pepper starts and parsley. Go figure.

Actually, it was released on the other side of the property in a nice hay meadow. So don’t worry.

Much better place for a rabbit.


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Warmin’ up

How many of these things are under there? Two at least…could be more.

Cheap cat toy

Got into the 80’s this week. It is now reliably warm enough for the snakes to come out and amuse house cats by laying across the front porch. And an amused house cat is unlikely to misbehave, so in general this can be considered a good thing.

In case you’re wondering, they are black racers. Harmless, but seem to be more aware of people than most snakes, so you may hear about them chasing you down. They don’t. They will half stand up and take a good look at you though.

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Happy bees

So maybe they’re not happy. It’s hard to tell, what with them being tiny and all and not having eyebrows.  But they seem active after being in their new hive for a week.



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Socks and bees

Tiny sweaters are getting boring. Time to move onto tiny socks, but a new beehive needs watching. Providing the beehive with a convenient bee watching stump allows socks to be knitted and bees to be watched simultanously. Also, since the hive stand is built for two beehives but only holds one, there is a convenient ledge to place a beer, resulting in a very pleasant afternoon. Look! Multitasking!

And no, the bees do not mind being knit at. They are good bees and have more important things to do than worry about the large calm object nearby.

The tiny sock pattern is the class sock from Charlene Schurch’s “Sensational Knitted Socks,” which was designed to teach sock architecture.

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You know what this farm needs? Fifty thousand stinging insects. Cats are indecisive if this is good or not.

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So cold

Far, far too cold outside. Nuthin to do but watch squirrels. Should probably do some knitting. But right now, it’s squirrels.

And yes, a squirrel feeder seems dumb. But it stops the squirrels from eating birdseed AND provides cat entertainment. Entertained cats are less likely to go wandering on the kitchen counters, where they KNOW they are not supposed to be but want to go anyway. So it is a bit useful.

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More tiny sweaters

Gonna take as long to make these tiny sweaters as it would to make on full sized sweater. But they are fun.

Yay! Almost half done. Only 15 more to go. Twelve tiny sweaters using the same pattern is starting to bore, so they must become more ornate. Fortunately, cables exist. Sweater 25 is probably going to be quite silly. Also, the tiny end balls of yarn are almost gone. So this is a useful project.

Next up on the tiny sweater front:  more tiny sweaters, this time with various increases!

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