Plant sales

New plant friends

Many good things about anticipating an annual plant sale.  It reduces the purchase of plants as a form of immediate gratification. A plant could be thought about, researched, mentally transplanted, and finally rejected after it is realized that it actually pretty damn ugly. No digging or money is involved, just a lot of daydreaming. Also the plants available are cooler. And they are more likely to survive transplanting, since the weather has become much more reasonable AND they don’t have the pressure of putting out flowers until next year. So they’re much happier.

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The end of tiny sweaters

Finally! They is done. 24 tiny sweaters, ready for gifting, each unique. Okay, mostly unique. And here they are:

The tiny sweaters fit quite nicely on obnoxiously pink Barbie doll hangers, although they may require painting. The hangers, not the sweaters. Don’t paint your sweaters. Adding a turtleneck makes it hard to hang them, so that can be a thing to consider. But don’t omit the hangers; they are useful if you want to hide something within the sweaters, say a piece of chocolate, which could be taped in or attached to the hanger with a safety pin. Also, the yarn stash has been greatly reduced, which is always a plus.

So the end is that a passel of tiny sweaters is rather enjoyable to make and will use up a bunch of yarn. Now back to the regularly scheduled needlepoint and frog observations.

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Damp bees

14:48 in the Piedmont. The storm formerly known as Irma is sputtering its way through South Carolina. Apparently Charleston’s  been flooded out. Here, just some normal rain with the occasional gust. So best to stay indoors and needlepoint.

And that’s that.

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It’s back. 

Adventures all over. Time to get back to the real world. Welcome back to the lamest blog on the internet. But at least there’s this nice image of a butterfly. 

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Get back in there!

Major statewide beekeeper conferences. Vacation. Emergency weeks gone to help a friend. A total solar eclipse. Damn bees keep swarming. Large plant Id project to complete. Crafty time is limited to making bee equipment and mending. Damn it! There is just too much to do.

So, in an effort to relieve stress, this blog will be on hiatus until September, 2017. Back in a few months!

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Nothin’ much this week. Just a nice photo of a Stokes’ Aster, Stokes laevis.  Enjoy. 

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Dere’s a snake inna house

A great deal of soap was used after this taking of this photo

…or there was. The cat was mildly amused. The snake, less so. The reptile warded off the cat through liberal release of a particularly horrendous smelling substance. They were separated, the snake released outside and the corner scrubbed. And scrubbed.  Then there was some more scrubbing. After about fifteen minutes, the smell was gone. So all is good.

Oh, and it’s a black rat snake, in case you’re curious.

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